Art Bracamontes with Restaurant Manager, Nancy Virgin, at the location on 3rd and Mednik in East LA.

JUANS ROTISSIERE CHICKEN” was opened in 1993 as “JUAN POLLO” by Albert Okura the founder of “JUAN POLLO”.  Three months later it was sold to the current owners, Art Bracamontes and Richard King. Art and Richard have spent years of hard work dedicated to providing their customers the highest quality food prepared fresh every day.

With the success of the Whittier location, Art and Richard decided in 2003 to open another “Juan Pollo” in East Los Angeles. Art and Richard have operated these two restaurants, Whittier 20 years, East Los Angeles 10 years independent from Albert Okura or the Juan Pollo Corporation.  Through these years they developed a large loyal customer base, growing larger every year.

In 2012 Albert Okura became a legal licensed franchisor, he then demanded that Art and Richard sign his newly created franchise agreement, or change the name of their two restaurants.  Having operated these restaurants independently for 20 years, they felt it was not in their or their customers best interest to be under the control of Albert Okura and the “Juan Pollo” corporation, Thus the name change to “JUANS ROTISSIERE CHICKEN”

We continue to offer the same great chicken and friendly service, NOTHING HAS CHANGED BUT THE NAME. You will still love the taste of our chicken and delicious side orders.

Art and Richard sincerely thank you for your patronage for all these years and look forward to your continued support.  For more information, call (323) 262-0193.


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Doug Ruiz