Become a Member

Join the East Los Angeles business community Chamber of Commerce. Our membership categories and rates are below:

Membership Does Not Cost, It Pays

Business (Unincorporated for-Profit Business with One business location) $175

Corporate (For-Profit & Non-Profit Corporations with one business location) $300

Conglomerate (For-Profit & Non-Profit Corporations with two or more business locations) $475

Government Owned & Operated Institutions (Government Owned and operated facilities and service providers (excluding Utilities): $250

Non-Profit (By petition to Chamber Board of Directors on Company letterhead (excluding Schools) $150

Schools (all Schools including public and private institutions which provide education and/or training): $120

Subsidiaries/Branches (Subsidiaries or division of conglomerate members) $120

Utilities (private and public owned): $475

To join, please send us your contact information and introduce us to your business using the contact form here, and we will send an invoice to you.

If you have any questions about joining the East Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, please use the contact for here.

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